Although most of us were glad to see the end of 2020, we did learn some important lessons:  (1) Life as we knew it pre-pandemic has been forever changed.  (2) We have much less confidence in our ability to predict our tomorrows.  (3) We miss gathering!  Family, friends, social and cultural events can no longer be taken for granted.  They are far more important to us than most of us ever imagined.  While virtual hugs, Zoom meetings, and drive-by celebrations are better than none at all, they will never replace the real thing!

While we are grateful to Pat Clark and others who have sustained us through Zoom meetings and Jam Kazam which have allowed us to gather and play together virtually, we miss just being together in person.  Somehow, we find each others quirky personalities and comic remarks enjoyable.  And the sound and feeling of all those strings vibrating together just cannot happen on-line.  When we practice all the parts and then play them all together, we experience a joy that is simply not available through our computers. 

So—here we are at the beginning of a New Year, attempting to regain some sort of “new normal,” and planning for a REAL LIVE dulcimer and acoustic music GATHERING in Mount Dora, Florida, in February 2022!   We will do everything we can to make it the best festival ever, but now we know that there are unseen forces that can render all our efforts useless.  We’ll do everything we can to create a safe and joyful learning environment.  We hope that you’ll plan to join us on 10-12 February 2022.

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